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Concierge Therapy

“What if marriage counseling encouraged couples to reach out when distressed, instead of waiting to talk about it days later?

- Dr. Kathy McMahon

Concierge Services

​Patient care reinvented.

In 1996, physician Howard G. Maron redesigned medical care by stepping outside the traditional way it was practiced. Instead of managing 3000 patients at a time, he moved to a low-volume, high-touch model, accepting only 50 families in total. 

For a flat annual fee, he promised his patients higher quality care, better and more timely access, and longer appointments. Later research found, not surprisingly, that doctors who adopted this model, dubbed “concierge medicine,” had a 49% reduction in unexpected and avoidable hospital admissions. 

When physicians knew their patients well, and saw them more frequently, problems could be addressed as they arose - preventing bigger issues down the road. 

Introducing couples therapy re-imagined.

Since 2013, Couples Therapy Inc. has been an industry leader offering in-depth, science-based weekend retreats to couples all over the world. We developed an extensive, individualized assessment, unheard of at the time and unparalleled today. This intensive format provides a powerful jump-start to help couples improve their marriage. 

Concierge medicine has inspired us to look beyond this structured weekend format, expanding our services to provide a longer-term immediate approach to helping couples. 

Concierge services for focused, individualized help.

Our new pilot program combines our extensive relationship assessment with comprehensive, flexible, and accessible concierge therapy. Limiting the number of couples we see provides you a higher quality of service. For six months you’ll be singular in a small group of couples working with a consummate expert. We'll be laser focused on strengthening your bond and enhancing your emotional well-being. 

Start with a roadmap.

Our signature in-depth assessment provides us with a clear blueprint to your own unique intimate challenges. With your input, we’ll outline your individual goals for therapy. 

With concierge therapy, fights are intercepted as they happen.

When you are upset, it’s hard to remember what you’ve learned when you were calm. When you are calm, the details of that angry fight might be foggy, but the hurt feelings are not.

You may practice important skills during therapy, but have trouble recalling just what to do when you get home. The moment for better understanding is lost, and a sense of futility and hopelessness sets in.

That’s because of what social scientists call “state dependent learning.”

Rather than wait for the next session, we want you to call us when the issues are hot: right in the middle of an escalated fight. Our trusted professionals know what targeted reminders are most powerful to reorient you back to more effective action, and cool things off.  

concierge therapy

Call us when things get heated.

Manage the moment. Stop escalating fights. 

Using state dependent learning you'll disrupt your habitual responses –– and take actions that are more respectful and effective. You'll process your thoughts and feelings in real time, resulting in deeper, more integrated understanding.

And by reaching out to your skilled professional, you’ll interrupt harmful patterns of escalation. You'll stop damaging words from being said and doing things that can't be undone. You'll prevent hours or even days of distance and resentment.

Time you need to shape a better tomorrow

Our couples concierge therapy affords you the luxury of flexibility and time. You’ll move at your own speed towards the goal of intimate healing.

Experience the power of personalized therapeutic support to enhance your relationship vitality. You set the pace, using intensive blocks of time or shorter "refresher" sessions. Weekend "mini-intensives" are also available. Customized couples therapy that’s as flexible as you need it to be.

Help delivered over months, not sessions.

Partner with an exceptionally trained couples therapist.

We are proud to include some of the most senior, experienced therapists and therapy trainers in the world on our team. With nearly 600 years of collective know-how, our masters are certified at the highest level of achievement in science-based couples therapy. Pick your concierge therapist from our international team of experts,* dedicated to being there for you when you need it.

Affair triggers

The therapy was Wednesday, and you're at your Saturday dinner out. You've both tried so hard to ignore the feelings. But one of you says something and SNAP! tensions escalate and dinner is ruined.
Call us. 

Romantic getaway

It is supposed to be an intimate and relaxing time alone. But last night all the sexual problems reemerged. Breakfast was spent without a word. It's looking like another miserable weekend.
 Call us.

"Why do you do this all the time?"

Your son did his annoying thing, and you responded. It resulted in heated fireworks, not only between you and him, but between you and his mother. This is supposed to be "family time?"

Call us.

Six months at your own pace.

It takes up to 8 months to instill a new habit. And instilling effective marital “habits” is best done using scientifically-tested methods. You aren't limited to weekly or biweekly sessions in concierge therapy. You don't pay cancellation fees if you must abruptly cancel. 

Limiting the number of clients we see means we can tailor appointment times and lengths that work for you. Impossible to schedule a needed appointment this week during normal business hours? Call us, we'll find a time. We even offer half day and full day intensive weekend hours.

“I was already exhausted. I had to stop in the middle of the session. To my amazement our therapist said: 'Let's pick it up tomorrow...'”

Recent concierge therapy client

As things improve, we titrate the work to every other week, then monthly. But we're always available if things get challenging. In addition, we offer semi-annual check-ins with you for the highest therapeutic effect over the next two years. Science shows that this schedule prevents relapse. It's a big issue in couples therapy, and we want to eliminate it in our work.

How does it work?

Pick a clinician, complete an assessment, get a treatment plan, then work with your therapist in a schedule that's proven to be effective. 

A generalized framework includes:

  • assessment and treatment planning
  • concentrated work
  • maintenance
  • relapse prevention. 

Let Couples Therapy Inc. become your personal marriage coach, trusted advisor, teacher, and relationship mentor. Create a more powerful, nourishing, and lasting marriage--offering you our very best with total attention, uncompromising availability, and utmost clinical skill. 

Concierge Couples Counseling is not for everybody. It requires a dedication to excel in the intimacy arena. Your ambition should be: "I will be successful in love."  Our clients are often successful in all other areas of their lives. Love should be no exception.

In other words, it requires your commitment, dedication, and full effort.

Change starts with a phone call.

Schedule your 30-45 minute complimentary phone consultation with Dr. McMahon, President of Couples Therapy Inc.

*This exclusive pilot program serves couples in the following states (alphabetically)  Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and on the Gold Coast of Australia.