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Coaching Online Only

Coaching is a great option for couples or individuals looking for focused help on a particular issue.

If you live outside of the 28 states in the US we have therapists, we can't currently offer you couples therapy. But we can provide targeted couples coaching across the USA and the rest of the world!

Working 20 hours a day/ seven days a week, you're sure to find support wherever you live!

What kind of work will a coach do with you?

  • Define goals. What does your relationship look like now and what do you want it to look like? 
  • Create a plan! Your coach can help you to figure out how you can best achieve your goals using the skills that you already have. 
  • Offer accountability... Your coach will help you to stay on track.
  • Provide structure, encouragement, and support! 

Meet our coaches

Couples Therapy Inc. brings you the most qualified relationship coaches; your relationship deserves the best support. Our online relationship coaches are available at times that work for your schedule and are ready to help you in the areas where you need it most. Tell us how we can help you!

 Three price points: $119, $159, and $199.

Choose the level that best suits your family's budget.

All of our therapists specialize in helping individuals and couples with issues such as marital troubles, affairs, premarital counseling, communication issues, hopeful spouse, divorce counseling, discernment counseling, dating and related issues.

Click on their pictures to learn more.
The information below includes particular specialties.

Master coaches: $199 per 55-minute session 

Certified in Gottman Method
Couples Therapy


Dr. Kathy McMahon

Entrepreneurial challenges, sexuality, neurodiverse couples


Master Trainer Gottman Institute

Dr. Scott Wolfe

Parenting during the pandemic, blended families, maintaining sobriety

Marriage and Family Therapist

Master Trainer Gottman Institute

Lisa Lund

Staying married during the coronavirus, healing trauma,  healthy conflict 

Mike McNulty Chicago Couples Therapist

Social Worker
Master Trainer Gottman Institute

Dr. Michael McNulty

 Affair recovery, managing trauma, ambiguity after COVID-19, ADD


Advanced Training-Gottman Method

Dr. Heide Rodriguez

New babies, military families,  managing disasters, intimacy
(Bilingual Spanish/English)


Dr. Maryanna Ham

Life changes, diversity issues, divorce & break-ups

Advanced coaches: $159 per 55 minutes

Certified in Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Master Trainer: Gottman Institute

Stacy Hubbard

Dating, singles, premarital, athletes, gay/lesbian

Certified Gottman/Imago

Angela Voegele

Sexual reconnecting to self/others 

(Bilingual German/English)

Certified Gottman

Tim Donovan

 Managing both young and adult children, medical marriages

Certified Gottman

Rebecca Lanier

 Stress management, step-parenting and blended family issues, finances

Advanced Gottman/EFT

Jenny Fang

 International couples, manage trauma/stress triggers, parenting, spiritual growth
(Bilingual Mandarin/English)

Advanced EFT/Gottman

Jennifer Taylor

Transitional stress, financial loss, household stress, loss of closeness

Advanced Gottman

Diane Foy

Managing stress together, creative parenting, blended families

Advanced Gottman

Dr. Doug Burford

Christian coaching, communication, stress, conflict, dating, engaged

Advanced Gottman

Havi Kligfeld

Managing in-laws, blended families, chronic fighting

Advanced Gottman/EFT

Daniel Dashnaw

Entrepreneurs, managing trauma triggers, neurodiverse couples

Advanced EFT

Dr. Patricia Gorman

Infertility , coldness & distance, blended families, communication

Highly trained coaches: $119 per session

Advanced Gottman/EFT

Marisa Mundey

Stress, parenting challenges
Special populations: film industry

Advanced EFT

Catherine Pfuntner

Staying clean & sober, parents of autistic children, vets, neurodiverse couples 

Advanced Gottman

Dr. Alexis Johnson-Nelson

Parenting stress, balancing work and family life

Advanced Gottman

Brian Williams

 Executive coaching, life coaching Special populations: publishing, men's issues

Advanced Gottman

Beatriz (Betty) Alaniz

Step-couples blending families, work/life balance, managing trauma triggers, grief/loss
(Bilingual Spanish/English)

Gottman II

Jack O'Leary

Parenting large families, men's issues
Special populations: music industry

Advanced Gottman

Debbie Woodall-Carroll

Grief. Death & dying, life military personnel and their families

Gottman I & II

Tehilla Luttig

Parenting support, staying connected, different parenting styles
(Bilingual English/Afrikaans)

Book a session now!

We have coaches throughout the USA and in Australia and South Africa. We provide early morning, afternoon, and late evening appointment. Find out how effective coaching can be!

Our Latest Course

Conflict, communication, and a chance to connect!

An online course to improve your relationships

Stacy Hubbard


Learn why we have conflict in relationships and what you (and your partner) can do about it.

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