Services - We provide both clinical services and coaching.

Private Individual Coaching Services

Start right way.

Coaching isn't "therapy" and doesn't require an assessment.

  • Is your spouse is talking divorce?
  • Is your spouse refusing couples therapy?
  • Have you just found out about an affair?

Our coaches won't be able to change your spouse. We focus on the way you are acting that may be making matters worse. 

  • It's focused.
  • It's goal-oriented. 
 • And it's not therapy. 

We help you to create a coaching game-plan to rid yourself of what's not working and direct you to be more effective.

Hopeful Spouse Coaching

when crisis strikes and you need a trained ear.

You might feel many mixed emotions and not know what to do next.  Coaching helps you talk out your situation and teaches you how to behave differently in your troubled marriage to promote lasting change with your partner (or simply not make things worse..). Coaching is inherently pragmatic. It focused on noticing what works, and what doesn’t.

Ask for "Coaching" and not "Couples Therapy"

Therapeutic Services

It all begins with an assessment.

After the assessment, we'll recommend appropriate services for your relationship.

Marriages are complicated and individual and relationship problems sometimes overlap. Some issues, like affairs, are obvious. Other's, like general discontent, are less so. After we complete an assessment we'll share our best thinking about how to approach the issues.

Learn more about our approaches and fees below or read our Summary of Tools and Services:

A "State of the Union" Assessment

All couples start with an assessment.

Two meetings cuts through about 8 joint sessions* conducted by the "'All Purpose Therapist." If you are doing a retreat, you'll complete our famous "BIG BIG Book" that provides useful information and saves you time and money. You'll know ahead of time what we'll work on and why.

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Private Intensive Couples Retreat

Six months of skilled help in one weekend.

Get away from the stress of your busy life. Focus exclusively on the two of you without distractions. Learn essential skills repeatedly proven effective in 40 years of research studies. A State of the Union Assessment is included as part of a retreat.

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Online Marriage Counseling

Online Marriage Counseling

Never home at the same time? Our online therapy is specifically for couples. Make your sessions every week, even if you're in different countries! You can still get the help you need. Conducted in English, and a dozen other languages. 

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Six months of skilled help in one weekend. Or online

Our fees vary based upon the level of experience of the therapist, their degree and training, and the area where they live in. Our clinicians set their own fees, and limit the intensives they do each year to maximize personal service.

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Insurance Coverage

If financial resources are an issue, know that almost all insurance will not cover your couples therapy. Paypal offers a six month "same as cash" finance program. Learn about it here.

But our retreats are modest compared to a divorce attorney's retainer. Or stress-induced heart ailments.

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We've worked with all sorts of difficulties.

Regardless of the issues, chances are, we've helped that problem, too.

* according to Gottman researcher and trainer Salvatore Garanzini, MFT.

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