Clinical Services

Many couples want to learn as much as possible about their relationship, despite their anxiety.Do you really want people trying[...]

A "State of the Union" Assessment

All couples start with an assessment.

Either in a Couples Retreat or Online, a clinical assessment is essential. Two meetings cuts through about 8 joint sessions* conducted by the "'All Purpose Therapist." You'll complete our famous "BIG BIG Book" that provides useful information and saves you time and money. You'll know ahead of time what we'll work on and why.

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An  Intensive Couples Retreat

Six months of skilled help in one weekend.

Get away from the stress of your busy life. Focus exclusively on the two of you without distractions. Learn essential skills repeatedly proven effective in 40 years of research studies.

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Online Couples Therapy

We use Cutting-Edge Security…where privacy is of utmost importance. Our professional, HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing company is used by doctors worldwide.

Conducted in English, and 12 other languages. Both of you can live in different countries, or when you travel a lot for business and still get the help you need.

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Fees for an Intensive Couples Retreat 

Six months of skilled help in one weekend.

Our fees vary based upon the level of experience of the therapist, their degree and training, and the area where they live in. Our clinicians set their own fees, and limit the intensives they do each year to maximize personal service.

Fees for Online Couples Therapy

It begins with an Assessment

Find out more about the cost of an Assessment and ongoing couples therapy. It's available anywhere across the 0globe, even if you are each in a different locale.

Insurance Coverage

If financial resources are an issue, know that most insurance will not cover your couples therapy. FSA's do in the States, if you contribute to one. We have pre-licensed therapists that charge less, but expect to pay in the mid-$2000's for even a less seasoned therapist conducting a retreat.

Even our "unseasoned" ones are highly trained.

We'll help you to decide the appropriate services. 

You don't need to know what problems are the most important to work on in individual therapy. A good therapist guides you in that process. Marriages are complicated and problems overlap as well. Some issues, like affairs, are obvious. Other's are less so. After we complete an assessment we'll share our best thinking about how to approach the issues.

Complete an assessment or come in for a retreat and we'll help you sort it out.

Learn more about these particular couples problems and approaches below.

After decades of experience, we've worked with most types of difficulties.

Regardless of the issues, chances are, we've treated that problem, too.​

* according to Gottman researcher and trainer Salvatore Garanzini, MFT.