Christian Marriage Retreats: Science-trained and Biblically Informed

Finding private, high-quality marriage retreats that isn't held in small groups can be challenging.

Finding private Christian marriage retreats with a clinical focus can be even more so.

Christian Marriage Retreats aren't just retreats led by those with Christian beliefs, or familiar with biblical teachings. Quality Christian Marriage Retreats require both exceptional skill in marriage counseling, as well as graduate training in understanding the trials and tribulations of being married (within a biblical tradition).

We offer private Christian Marriage Counseling in an intensive Christian Marriage Retreat format.

About Christian Marriage Counseling

When the average person thinks about Christian marriage counseling, they often think of a church pastor. It's a major part of a minister's job. 84% of pastors rank marital problems as among the top five problems they address.

However, most American seminaries don't provide coursework in marital counseling. They focus instead on the many educational requirements of a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) to become an ordained minister. Many courses that are offered in Divinity schools are only survey courses. Without focused coursework in marital counseling, your pastor may struggle to help you with your marital problems.

Many couples are increasingly turning to Christian Marriage Retreats to receive intensive help. The leader of these retreats may or may not be a pastor.  

Christian Training + Marriage Counseling Training

In contrast, according to one report, Christian counselors are about twice as likely to have an advanced degree in counseling as pastors (2).  Pastoral counselors focus on the truth of God’s Word, as their particular denomination sees it.

At Couples Therapy Inc. we don't believe you have to choose between science-based counseling and Christian Marriage Counseling. Our Christian Counselors are either Ministers with a vast amount of experience and/ or have advanced training in Christian theological approaches. They also have advanced science-based education in helping couples.

These privately held retreats are one-couple per counselor for the entire weekend. The focus is to bring back the love, devotion, passion, and intentionality of your marriage and prevent divorce. These retreats are held all over the USA. Christian focused retreats are offered in the Mountain State of Montana (Missoula) and in the Midwest in Kansas City and in the South in South Carolina (Charleston).

Three Outstanding Choices for a Private Concentrated Christian Marriage Retreat

Jim Ramsey - Christian Marriage Retreats in the Mountain States

Rev. Jim Ramsey has been blending principled guidance using the highest levels of training provided by the respected Gottman Institute. Jim Ramsey's training allows him to help the couple identify their own religious truth as seen through their own eyes. He helps them understand the impact of marital strife in their own lives and in the lives of their families.

Do you have irreconcilable differences? These don't have to result in painful arguments, according to Rev. Ramsey. You can empathize and support each other, even when you don't see eye to eye. You don't have to persuade your partner to think and act as you do. Nor do you have to prove that you are right and they are wrong. You can learn to see things through each other's perspective and learn valuable lessons from each other.

Rev. Jim Ramsey is a Certified Gottman Couples Therapist. One of 300 Worldwide.

"You can empathize and support each other, even when you don't see eye to eye. You don't have to persuade your partner to think and act as you do. Nor do you have to prove that you are right and they are wrong. You can learn to see things through each other's perspective and learn valuable lessons from each other. - Rev. Jim Ramsey

Rev. Dr. Doug Burford - Christian Marriage Retreats in the Midwest

Dr. Doug Burford works with married couples who have engaged in practices that are accepted in popular media but turned out to be damaging to relationships. Actions that have left wounds. He believes these wounds can be healed, and the truth behind the joys of married intimacy discovered or restored.

A healthy marriage is also about valuing instead of invalidating the ways we are different. We can have different ideas about our shared lives and still help each other be our best selves. Couples learn what are vital to a growing marriage.

Dr. Burford is an ordained minister through the Christian and Missionary Alliance at Colorado Springs, Colorado. He obtained a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ.

He held three Presbyterian pastorates in very different settings, adding breadth to his experience.

Rev. Burford has held three Presbyterian pastorates

"Sex is depicted as exciting outside outside of marriage and boring or non-existent within. That needs to change." - Dr. Doug Burford

Kent MacEachern - Christian Marriage Retreats in the South

Kent graduated from Covenant Seminary, in St. Louis, Missouri  with an M.A. in Religion and Counseling 1979. He was moved to combine these two disciplines after completing an undergraduate degree in Biology from the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina.

Kent has served as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy Supervisor  and Professional Counselor Supervisor inSouth Carolina. A Certified Instructor and Trainer in the Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. and has advanced training in the Gottman Method (Level III).

He practices in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina,  just minutes from the beach and the city of Charleston. 

He practices EMDR for those with spouses having trauma (PTSD). He is also a Clinical Member of American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Kent: helping Couples for over 30 years.

"A couple needs to have an objective approach to their arguments. I provide a simple, direct way for them to communicate ALL of their points and be heard, without the hostility. But we can't focus only on problems. Fun and pleasure is also a part of God's plan."  - Kent MacEachern

What are Christian Marriage Retreats?

Christian Marriage Retreats through Couples Therapy Inc. combine almost 6 months of weekly sessions, into one intensive retreat. Beginning traditionally on Friday nights for two hours, these retreats continue from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Christian marriage retreats offer the opportunity to be with someone who is knowledgeable about biblical teachings, as well as highly trained in the neuroscience of couples therapy.

You no longer have to choose.

Do you value a Christian perspective?

At Couples Therapy Inc. we don't believe you should have to choose between secular, science-based counseling and Christian Marriage Counseling that is biblically based...

Some counselors can have strong religious beliefs. Others have excellent therapeutic training. Our marriage counselors have both training which enablings them to weave these two threads together. We offer exceptional couples therapy to all couples, regardless of religion, faith, or creed.

However, we can help couples with a strong Christian faith integrate their religious tradition within their marital lives. Each of these clinicians is well-equipped to do just that.

A highly-trained couples therapist who is able to integrate  the biblical teachings of Jesus Christ.

Were you looking for Christian Marriage Retreats held by expert professionals?

Pick from the week-ends Jim Ramsey has currently available in his Missoula Montana office. Doug Burford holds his retreats in Overland Park, Kansas near Kansas City, Missouri. We also have a marriage and family therapists, Kent MacEachern, who is trained in biblical counseling and has advanced training in Couples Therapy working from his office in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Looking for Marriage conferences or Christian couples seminars?

If you are looking for Christian marriage seminars near you, there are many Christian marriage conferences such as a Weekend to Remember, Marriage Encounters or those held by Focus on the Family. Most offer speakers and counselors that inspire couples in a group format to have a great marriage or help in preparing for marriage. Others are secular like Marriage Boot Camp. 

Our Christian couples retreat are a private weekend marriage counseling in an intensive format.

Rev. Jim Ramsey and his wife Diane

Dr. Burford and his wife Claudia.

Kent and his wife Marsha

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