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Finding high-quality Marriage Retreats can be challenging.  Finding Christian Marriage Retreats with a clinical focus can be even more so. Christian Marriage Retreats aren’t just retreats led by those with Christian beliefs, or familiar with biblical teachings. Quality Christian Marriage Retreats require both exceptional skill in marriage counseling, as well as graduate training in understanding the trials and tribulations of being married (within a biblical tradition).


About Christian Marriage Counseling

When the average person thinks about Christian marriage counseling, they often think of a church pastor.

This is because 84% of pastors rank marital problems as among the top five problems they address. However, most American seminaries don’t provide coursework in marital counseling. They focus instead on the many educational requirements of a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) to become an ordained minister. Many courses that are offered in Divinity schools are only survey courses.

Without focused coursework in marital counseling, your pastor won’t be highly trained to help with your marital problems.

Rev. Jim Ramsey and his wife Diane.

In contrast, according to one report, Christian counselors are about twice as likely to have an advanced degree in counseling as pastors (2).  Pastoral counselors focus on the truths of God’s Word, presumably as their particular denomination sees it.

In contrast, Jim Ramsey’s training allows him to help the couple identify their own religious truths, as seen through their own eyes, and help them work to understand these impacts in their own lives, and in the lives of their marriages and families.

Only for Christians?

However, Jim’s work is also informed by the latest thinking in neuroscience as one of the rare certified Gottman Method Couples Therapists worldwide. A counselor can have strong religious beliefs. Or excellent therapeutic training.

Jim’s training enables him to weave these two threads together. He offers exceptional couples therapy to all couples, regardless of religion.

Either in Christian Marriage Retreats Formats, or standard Intensive Couples Retreats.

However, he can also help couples with a strong Christian faith integrate their religious tradition within their marital lives.  He’s well-equipped to do just that.

A highly-trained couples therapist who is able to integrate  the biblical teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jim works with all couples, whether from a religious tradition or not. However, he offers those wanting biblical-informed couples therapy an opportunity to do so within the format of christian marriage retreats.

What are Christian Marriage Retreats?

Christian Marriage Retreats combine almost 6 months of weekly sessions, into one intensive retreat. Christian Marriage Retreats offer the opportunity to be with someone who is knowledgeable about biblical teachings, as well as highly trained in the neuroscience of couples therapy.

You no longer have to choose.

Do you value a Christian perspective?

Were you looking for Christian Marriage Retreats held by expert professionals?

Pick from the week-ends Jim Ramsey has currently available in his Missoula Montana office.

Learn more about the format of these Christian Marriage Retreats.

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