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The Polyamory Meme

The Polyamory Meme The polyamory meme has finally attracted some serious research. But perhaps, we should define what I mean by the “Polyamory Meme.” According to Wikipedia, a meme is an idea,

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“You don’t want me.” “Yes I do.” Wives with Higher Sexual Desire

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. This gendered behavior is extremely common and totally, well… WEIRD. Here’s the picture: The woman is the higher desire sexual partner. The man’s

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Sexual Desire Differences: Different Sex Drives in Marriage

“You are OVER-sexed!” ”You are UNDER-sexed!” But isn’t one of you always either high or low desire? Sometimes this role shifts at different periods of the marriage, or after one or the other

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Sex Tips for Mature Couples

No one assumes sexuality is a right for those over 50. You have to grab it. Here are three sex tips for mature couples you can use today. Viagra alone is no promise for a satisfying, intense sexual relationship.

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Sexual Chemistry: The Mythical Land of Groin

Written 8/2013Updated: 1/2019Most writers are wrong about sexual chemistry. Don’t look in biochemistry books, because what’s called sexual chemistry is actually an accident of matching sexual

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