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Sexless Marriage – 9 Steps to Better Intimacy

Sexually inactive Marriages have Bad HabitsWe often blame our desire for sex (or lack of it) on our sex drive, mental health, or simply the number of years of marriage. We view sex starved marriage

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“You don’t want me.” “Yes I do.” Wives with Higher Sexual Desire

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. This gendered behavior is extremely common and totally, well… WEIRD. Here’s the picture: The woman is the higher desire sexual partner. The man’s

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Sexual Desire Differences: Different Sex Drives in Marriage

Different Sex Drives in Marriage for most couples, reminds me of this joke:Two guys are walking out of a restaurant, and one turns to the other, and in a complaining voice says: “The food in that restaurant

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Sex Tips for Mature Couples

Here are three sex tips for mature couples you can use today.When I began to train health professionals in human sexuality, there was little available to them. Few physicians or nurses had the train

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Sexual Chemistry: The Mythical Land of Groin

Written 8/2013 Updated: 1/2019 Most writers are wrong about sexual chemistry. Don’t look in biochemistry books, because what’s called sexual chemistry is actually an accident of matching sexual

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Are Dogs Mouths Cleaner than Humans?

Are dogs mouths cleaner than humans? Yes. I learned that in school, during a sex therapy course, decades ago, and my dental hygienist confirmed it again. This post is for my Human Sexuality class, but

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