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12 Important Ways Couples Can Manage an Asperger’s Meltdown

What is an Asperger’s Meltdown? From a neurotypical (NT) point of view, an Asperger’s meltdown is when an Aspie experiences a temporary loss of emotional control. It is a state of profound

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Cassandra Syndrome…the Struggle to Name the NT Partner’s Despair

Cassandra Syndrome and Emotional Deprivation Disorder The Cassandra Syndrome is another effort in the continuing attempt to describe the struggle of the neurotypical partner (NT) who too often can’t

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Are You in a Neurodivergent Marriage?

The Challenge of a Neurodivergent Marriage Neurodivergent marriage is a challenging problem, even for otherwise skilled couples therapists. Several years ago, Dr. K was participating in a high-level training

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An Asperger Marriage

An Asperger Marriage: Moving Beyond Despair In our intensive couples therapy intake process, we sometimes hear about long-term relationships with a partner who was never diagnosed with Aspergers. These

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Alexithymia and Marital Conflict

What is Alexithymia? Revised 1/27/20 Some people struggle when asked to explain or share and their emotions. This personality trait is known as Alexithymia. People with Alexithymia can describe their

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Aspergers and Love: Five Good Reasons to Love an Aspie

Updated April 21, 2020. This is an old post about Aspergers and love, and over the last six years, after working with even more Neurotypical’s (NT) who are loving someone with Aspergers (AS) I have

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