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Unsupportive Spouse Depression

Unsupportive Spouse Depression Believing that you have an unsupportive Spouse has been identified as a primary source of Depression. New research shows that partners who believe that they have unsupportive

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The 5 Essential Tasks to Achieving Forgiveness in Marriage

Why is Forgiveness in Marriage So Hard? Revised 1/1/20 Is there an attachment science of forgiveness in marriage? What is forgiveness in marriage? Is it possible…or even desirable to grant forgiveness

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Christian Couples Counseling in a Secular Therapy World

The Problem for Christian Couples Seeing Secular Couples Therapists Revised 1/1/20 Christian couples get a raw deal in most couples therapy, and when they seek out Christian couples counseling, they find

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7 Ways Your Depressed Husband Shows Up In Couples Therapy

Your Depressed Husband and Couples Therapy Revised 12/19/2019 We have been studying men like your depressed husband in couples therapy for more than twenty years. Many researchers now believe that these

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The Science of Gratitude

Is there a science of gratitude? Gratitude is highly correlated with well-being (Wood, Froh, & Geraghty, 2010). Gottman has consistently recruited this science of gratitude to craft powerful interventions

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What Makes You Attractive?

We May Now Know What Makes You Attractive! Ever wonder what makes you attractive? Researchers wonder too. Dr. René Proyer from the Institute of Psychology at MLU claims that his recent research has uncovered

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Medical Marriages

What are Medical Marriages? Medical marriages happen when a doctor marries another physician or healthcare practitioner. In the era of Ben Casey and Dr. Kildaire (about a half century ago), medical marriages

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Problem Gambling and Marital Conflict

Problem Gambling Problem gambling and marital conflict are certainly not on the minds of the construction workers in Springfield hard at work to finish the MGM Grand Casino by the summer of 2018. Casino

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