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6 Ways to Spot a Victim Mentality… and 6 Ways to Stop

What is a Victim Mentality? A victim mentality is a pervasive and universal view of oneself as the chronic victim of unfortunate circumstances or the evil actions of others. It’s a somewhat harsh

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Retired Husband Syndrome

What is Retired Husband Syndrome? The post-1945 Japanese population has demonstrated an enormous capacity for effective organization and hard work, a major factor contributing to Japan’s spectacular

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Is There a Limerence Cure?

What is Limerence? And Why Do We Need a Limerence Cure? Limerence is an emotional and mental experience of deep, obsessive attachment to another person.  Limerence symptoms usually feel involuntary and

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Generalized Anxiety Disorders and Relationships

How Generalized Anxiety Disorder Impacts Relationships. The challenge with Generalized Anxiety Disorders and relationships is that deep anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health problems affecting

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Gaslighting Narcissism… and Why Couples Therapy Can’t Help

What is Narcissist Gaslighting? The popular use of the term “gaslighting” goes back to the early 1950s. But amazingly, this word was only added to the Oxford English Dictionary in

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An Asperger Marriage

An Asperger Marriage: Moving Beyond Despair In our intensive couples therapy intake process, we sometimes hear about long-term relationships with a partner who was never diagnosed with Aspergers. These

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Negative Sentiment Override…How the Partner in Your Head Can Ruin Your Marriage

Do You Suffer From Negative Sentiment Override? Do you suffer from Negative Sentiment Override in your marriage? I tell couples that I’m working with that there are 4 people in their relationship.

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6 Ways to Spot a Narcissistic Wife and 5 Ways to Deal With Her

The Perils of Having a Narcissistic Wife Therapists are only supposed to engage in self-disclosure if it serves the treatment plan for the client. I see no reason to have a different standard for this

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