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5 Little-Known Secrets From Social Neuroscience that Can Help You Manage COVID Stress

What is Social Neuroscience? Social neuroscience is a cross-disciplinary area of research. It’s more of a“hard science”; examining how genetic, cellular, hormonal, and neurologic pathways

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Couples, COVID, and Cheating

I asked my colleague Michele Weiner Davis what she has been thinking about lately, and she kindly offered me this updated guest blogpost. Couples, COVID, and Cheating Because of COVID-19, couples all

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Is COVID-19 Contributing to a Measurable Rise in Virtual Affairs?

Infidelity in Lockdown…Are Virtual Affairs on the Rise? Evidence on the mental health implications of the pandemic lockdown has been mounting. The more we are stressed by COVID-19, the more we seek

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Alarming COVID-19 Divorce Rates From an Unlikely Source…

COVID-19 Divorce Rates From an Unlikely Source LegalTemplates is an online service that sells do-it-yourself legal templates for court fillings. Recently, they’ve claimed to have uncovered some “data-driven

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How to Deal With Triggers From Infidelity…10 Essential Tips

How to Deal With Triggers From Infidelity…a New Paradigm If you’re wondering how to deal with triggers from infidelity, here are 10 essential tips from neuroscience and science-based couples

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10 Serious Signs That Your Marriage is Dying

You’re Talking to the Partner In Your Head…and Not With Your Real Partner… When a marriage is dying, we spend more time with the partner in our head. Then the problem-saturated narrative

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What Percentage of Marriages Survive Infidelity?

What Percentage of Marriages Survive Infidelity? If you’re struggling with infidelity in your marriage you may want to know…what percentage of marriages survive infidelity? What percentage

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Codependent Marriage…How Addiction Therapists Failed at Couples Therapy

What is Codependent Marriage? A codependent marriage is when a partner consumes considerable financial, emotional, and physical resources on behalf of their more problem-saturated spouse. What do we mean

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How Long Does Sadness Last? the Science of Bad Outcomes

How long do we feel sad after a serious personal setback? And what sorts of setbacks are particularly impactful? In these extraordinary times, I took a detour into new research from the field of Labor

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Personality Change After Heart Surgery

Can Personality Change After Heart Surgery? One of the ways science-based couples therapists are different is that we stay current with research that impacts relationships. Some of this research may, at

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