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International Couples: How We Surface and Soothe Your Differences

Don’t Assume That You will Always Understand Each Other… Or Even Always Want to…. One of my mentors trained with one of the greatest family therapists of all time;  Salvador Minuchin.

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The 7 Organizing Dimensions of Culture

International Couples When we think about culture, it is useful to think along seven dimensions: Time The Universe and how we got here. The Meaning and Cohesiveness of Family. Emotional Expressiveness Interpersonal

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International Couples Therapy Intensive Retreat for Relationship Health

Couples Therapy Intensive Retreat for International Couples Couples Therapy Inc. offers International Couples Therapy in many languages. We reach the expat American, Chinese, and otherwise international

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International Couples Advice

International Couple Advice Often international couples often see difference and novelty as a stressor in their marriage. But does it have to be? Here’s some international couple advice that can

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