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Money Can Buy Happiness!

Can Money Buy Happiness? Revised 1/4/20 Money can buy happiness. Let me say that again… Money Can Buy Happiness. Wait a minute. Everyone knows that money can’t buy happiness, and research in

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Love and Poker

I came across this interesting post by Robert Dewberry at his blog, the Poker Monk.  Robert is a fascinating young man on the threshold of becoming a professional poker player. As a Couples Therapist,

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Dr. Wolfe Tells Us….What Best Predicts Marital Satisfaction?

What Predicts Marital Satisfaction? In a previous post, I discussed how the question of “what predicts marital satisfaction?” has been carefully researched and analyzed. One of the most comprehensive

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Marital Fight Autopsy…EFT Model

This article is part of our Why Couples Fight Series Emotionally-Focused Therapy and the Marital Fight AutopsyWhen it comes to marital fight dissection, evidence-based Emotionally-Focused Therapy

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Marital Fight Autopsy…Developmental Model

This article is part of our Why Couples Fight SeriesThe Developmental Model and the Marital Fight AutopsyIn my internship, I studied a model of Couples Therapy called the Developmental Model. This

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Marital Fight Autopsy… Gottman Model

This article is part of our Why Couples Fight Series Marital Fight... Autopsy?Yes, I mean Autopsy. Let's assume Dick and Jane had a marital fight which started on February 13th at 1:06 pm. There was the

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Here’s How to Make a Softened Start-Up

The Importance of Softened Start-Up Revised 12/31/19 A softened start-up is perhaps the most essential part of making a valid complaint to your partner. John Gottman’s 1999 study, Predicting Divorce

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Accepting Influence and Criticism…The Earlier You Work on this the Better.

Therapists can look at a piece of research in different ways. Gottman says the 65% of American men are incapable of readily accepting influence. This is a staggering number, as I mentioned in earlier posts

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