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An Explanation for Our High Second Marriage Failure Rate from Neuroscience

Why Do We have a Such a High Second Marriage Failure Rate? Controversial new neuroscience data suggests that our high second marriage failure rate may lie in habitual responses established in childhood

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Involvement vs.Commitment in a Marriage

Involvement vs. Commitment in a Marriage What is commitment in a marriage? A recent longitudinal research project at the Relationship Institute at UCLA. has unpacked this important question. The Marriage

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Power Struggles in Relationships

Power Struggles in Relationships and the Importance of Influence Power struggles in relationships are typically shaped by gendered behavior. Research tells us that over 80% of conflictual marital discussions

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Is It Ever Too Late To Save A Marriage?

Is It Ever Too Late to Save a Marriage? People often ask me “is it ever too late to save a marriage?” Another question I get a lot is “What happens if after reading our Big Big Book

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8 Powerful Things to Say to Your Unhappy Wife

Here are 9 things to say to your wife when you know you have an unhappy wife. Don’t dodge what you know in your heart is true. When things are not good, and you’re getting scared, don’t

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When Does Couples Therapy Fail?

When does couples therapy fail? What are the fluttering red flags that tell us there is trouble ahead? Couples therapy can help you communicate with skill, understand and recruit conflict for greater intimacy,

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Couples Counseling…5 Ways You’ll Know You’re Ready to Start

Are You Ready to Start Couples Counseling? Thinking about couples counseling? When intimate bonds fray, it’s typical for couples to tough it out without help for years. Only about 19% of distressed

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Gottman Repair Attempts: Love Made Easy

This article is part of the Why Couples Fight SeriesEffective Gottman Repair Attempts: Love Made Easy It's a skill to learn to fight well and repair relationship conflict before they spiral

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