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The Phubbing Meme, FOMO, and the Merits of Indistractability in Marriage

The Phubbing Meme and FOMO…How Tech is Displacing Mindfulness The Phubbing meme is attracting increased attention from couples therapy researchers. According to Wikipedia, a meme is an idea, behavior,

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The Neuroscience of Perpetual Marital Problems

Personal Priorities, Preferences, and Perpetual Marital Problems One of the outstanding contributions of neuroscience and Gottman’s research is the notion of “perpetual” vs.”solvable

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The Surprising Reason Why Online Dating is Improving Marriage

The Growth of Online Dating Online dating is only the most recent iteration of technology-assisted romance. The relationship between technology and dating goes way back to 1959 when two students at Stanford

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5 Key Secrets to Marriage Longevity That You Probably Didn’t Know

Marriage Longevity…The Science of Living Longer Together The science is in. Marriage longevity is real. Numerous studies conclude that a healthy marriage protects your physical and mental health

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Oops! Busted! You Got Caught Cheating…Now What?

You Got Caught Cheating…Now What? Pretty much every day, we get phone calls from men who are scared that they’ve blown up their families because they were caught cheating. Let’s pretend

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11 Essential Conversations For a Stronger Marriage After Retirement

A Stronger Marriage After Retirement Research on how to have a stronger marriage after retirement has captured the attention of many researchers. The notion of retirement has profoundly changed over the

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5 Powerful Tips for Setting Boundaries for Yourself in Marriage

Boundaries and the Differentiated Self We’re all familiar with the desire to set limitations on our partners. But the idea of setting boundaries for yourself in marriage is sometimes strange and

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Why You Need Boundaries in Marriage

Boundaries in Marriage and the Notion of Differentiation What are appropriate boundaries in marriage? And what do boundaries have to do with differentiation? Differentiation is an idea that was first developed

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