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9 Tips for Making Stepfamilies Work

Why So Many Stepfamilies? Couples therapy researchers are acutely focused on the challenge of making stepfamilies work. Stepfamilies in the USA are as typical as they are complicated. 40% of married couples

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How to Stop Fighting With Your Partner…Externalization and the Art of the Time Out

How to Stop Fighting With Your Partner Perhaps you’re reading this because you want to learn how to stop fighting with your partner. The first thing to consider is that while marital conflict is

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Why Do We Fight in Relationships?

Why do we fight in relationships? Why is conflict, (which is inescapable in our most intimate friendships) so inherently fraught with peril? Why do so many marital fights go so wrong… so fast? Harsh

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How to Rekindle a Marriage After a Baby

How to Rekindle a Marriage After a Baby New parenthood can be stressful. Many young couples want to know how to rekindle a marriage after a baby arrives. Decades of research has shown that marital satisfaction,

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Marriage Counseling Costs: Five Important Factors

Marriage Counseling Costs: 5 Important Factors Marriage counseling costs are dependent upon five important factors and we’ll cover each in this article. Your location The length of the sessions Whether

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Intimacy in Marriage

Are you looking to improve your intimacy? Enhance your sex life? It may be easy for some couples, and seemingly impossible for others. While physical intimacy is important to the wellbeing of a happy

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The Married Man Flirting at Work

The Married Man Flirting at Work Researchers seem to be utterly fascinated by the married man flirting, and the phenomena of flirting in general. We habitually tend to think of flirting behaviors as synonymous

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Beware of “Common Sense” in Relationships

The Problem With Common Sense in Relationships Beware of any advice which offers “Common Sense” in relationships. This is a considerable problem in couples therapy. We are swimming in shameless

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