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11 Critical Tools for Surviving the Holidays with Marital Trouble

How to Have a Good Holiday with a Bad Marriage Things have not been good between the two of you for a while. And now the holidays are upon you. Surviving the holidays with marital trouble can be daunting.

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Will Couples Therapy Work for You?

The Golden Age of Couples Therapy Will couples therapy work for you? Sixty years ago, even though they felt an urgent need, surveys suggested that Americans were disappointed with the couples therapy available

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The Motivational Importance of Family

The Importance of Family One of the most fundamental curiosities of social science research is “what motivates us?” New research is pointing toward the importance of family as the most essential

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The 2 Essential Core Skills in Achieving a Work-Life Balance

Why is Balancing Work, Love, and Life So Hard? There are few topics in couples therapy more carefully researched than the elusive pursuit of a work-life balance. A work-life balance is a harmonious blend

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7 Reasons You Might Think Twice Before Asking for a Sleep Divorce

What is Sleep Divorce? A sleep divorce is when a couple lives together, but does not sleep in the same bed. Notice I didn’t say “sleep together” because that’s an obvious euphemism.

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The Phubbing Meme, FOMO, and the Merits of Indistractability in Marriage

The Phubbing Meme and FOMO…How Tech is Displacing Mindfulness The Phubbing meme is attracting increased attention from couples therapy researchers. According to Wikipedia, a meme is an idea, behavior,

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The Neuroscience of Perpetual Marital Problems

Personal Priorities, Preferences, and Perpetual Marital Problems One of the outstanding contributions of neuroscience and Gottman’s research is the notion of “perpetual” vs.”solvable

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The Surprising Reason Why Online Dating is Improving Marriage

The Growth of Online Dating Online dating is only the most recent iteration of technology-assisted romance. The relationship between technology and dating goes way back to 1959 when two students at Stanford

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