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If You Can’t Forgive Your Spouse After an Emotional Affair…Acceptance?

After an Emotional Affair…Do we Have an Intimacy Doomsday? If you told me that you couldn’t forgive your spouse after an emotional affair, I might offer that the bulk of humanity might

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Stop Workplace Emotional Affairs

Workplace Emotional Affairs are the Number One Infidelity Pattern Workplace emotional affairs, according to some studies now comprise 73% 0f all infidelities. This is up from 60% only a few years ago.

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Emotional Affairs

What are Emotional Affairs? An emotional affair (EA) is more than a state of being “Just friends.” It can be an elusive and subjective experience. Emotional affairs are a common presenting

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Are You Slipping into an Emotional Affair At Work? Take This Quiz

How Do Office Affairs Start? So you have a buddy at work. An “attractive other” buddy. You laugh, you flirt.. but sometimes you share, perhaps a bit more than you ought to. At what point does

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