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Coronavirus, Tone-Deaf Therapists, and the Hysteresis of The American Family

What is Hysteresis? If you push on something, it will yield…but when you release, does it spring back entirely to its original shape? If it doesn’t, it is exhibiting Hysteresis. Hysteresis

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Testing a Struggling Marriage in Home Quarantine

We Were Already in a Struggling Marriage… Your struggling marriage is suddenly under an entirely new kind of pressure. And it may feel as if it might break under strain. You’re not alone. Many

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If You Don’t Want to Get Antsy or Go Stir Crazy…Do These 15 Things

Restless, Antsy, and Stir Crazy… Reports are coming in from all over the world…Great Britain…China…Home quarantine is making some couples frantic, antsy, even stir crazy. The combination

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Coronavirus Anxiety…But I Already have an Anxiety Disorder!

Coronavirus and Anxiety Disorders The U.SA. was an already an anxious country…now we are dealing with coronavirus anxiety. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 20% of American

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Couples and Coronavirus…a 2 Part Video by Michelle Weiner Davis

    Michele Weiner Davis is an important thought leader in couples therapy today. In this 2 part video, Michele talks about the extraordinary challenges facing couples dealing with the impact

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50 Coronavirus Self-Care Tips

Scientists warned that the United States would soon become the country hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. That moment arrived today, March 26, 2020. I have been combing the internet to find therapy

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11 Pragmatic Ways to Avoid Marital Stress with Work and Kids at Home

How to Share a Workspace, Chores, and Kids We’re hearing reports from all over that marital stress is escalating. This is particularly true for couples who both work from home and have kids underfoot.

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I Don’t Love You Anymore…and Now We’re Suffering in Place

In the Near Future…a Wife Emails Her Husband Future: August 23, 2020 Dear Joe, Before this all happened, we were just about to lawyer up. Who would have guessed the world as we know it would end…at

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11 Best Practices for Cooped Up Couples in Home Quarantine

Are You a Cooped Up Couple Who Can’t Work from Home? Many couples aren’t working from home because they can’t. Main Street is shut down. First, their livelihoods were obliterated, and

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12 Best Practices for Suddenly Working from Home

Self-Care Best Practices for Suddenly Working From Home Create an Ergonomic Workspace Are you suddenly working from home? One of the best ways to maintain a work/home boundary is to set up a dedicated

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