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CTI Announces an Online Relationship Course for Better Communication!

Learn How to Be a Fabulous Spouse With Our New Online Relationship Course! Having issues with power struggles and conflict? Need better communication with your spouse? Well, good news! Conflict is inevitable,

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The Generative Conversation

The Art and Science of a Generative Conversation I thought it might be a good idea to talk more about Generative Conversations, and in particular, the Anatol Rapaport Intervention in Gottman Theory.

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How to Spot a Lie

The Neuro-Science of Lying Would you like to know how to spot a lie? A recent meta-study of 60 independent research studies on deception by Dr. R. Edward Geiselman and his team have uncovered a classic

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How to Communicate Better With Your Spouse

How to Communicate Better With Your Spouse  Revised 12/31/19 If you want to know how to communicate better with your spouse, focus on how you say it. The research of Dr. John Gottman has uncovered the

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