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Marriage Enrichment Retreat? 

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Highly trained specialists for healing relationships.

What is "marriage enrichment?"

Marriage enrichment is a preventative type of help for couples who aren't in deep distress.  Begun formally by David and Vera Mace in the 1940's, its objectives are to promote a mutual commitment to growing in the marital relationship.

It included aspects such as:

  • agree on a communication style of talking and listening
  • learning how to use conflict in creative ways that helps
  • sharing of feelings
  • maintaining a desire for and the presence of intimacy

Formal marriage enrichment happens when a couple places their marriage in a central position of importance.  According to their later enthusiasts, Markman, Stanley and Blumberg, the couple's skill improves the longer the process is practiced.

A Marriage Retreat Run By Licensed Professionals

Premier researcher John Gottman continued the work of David and Vera Mace and has been studying marriages for the past 40 years in a naturalistic and formalized setting. He invited couples to spend a weekend in an especially equipped apartment he called "the love lab." There he learned what it means to experience a marital enriching relationship vs what he called the "disasters of marriage."

All of us have been trained in Dr. Gottman's methods and 4 of us have taught other therapists from his institute. We know how to make couples work.

There Is a Science to Marriage Enrichment

In our couples retreats, we teach these same principles to you that were learned in the lab. These are easy-to understand and fun ways of improving your healthy relationships or even one that's mildly distressed relationship. We even have several sex therapists with advanced training in improving sex.

For couples wanting the best in a marriage retreat, we offer only highly skilled professionals. Many have more than 25 years licensed as mental health clinicians. Senior trainers of other licensed couples therapists. Top in their fields. Read more.

Ours is a science-based approach

With therapists across the USA, and in Ireland, South Africa & Australia too.


Learn the science behind
healing intimate bonds.

Forty years of research studying real couples, not theorists spouting beliefs. It teaches that marriages die by 'fire' or 'ice'.  'Fiery' marriages are full of anger. They divorce early. Usually in the first 5.5 years. 'Icy' marriages live without interest, affection, humor or empathy. They hang on longer, and then die on the vine. We know how to make happy marries happier!


Here's why our approach is so different:

We use a unique tool called "The BIG BIG Book." It's your personal relationship story that we score, read, and analyze. The Feedback Session shares what we've learned, what we think ought to change and why. This is an assessment called the "State of the Union." Online or in a weekend retreat, we learn before we start.


Here's how our therapists are different:

We hire experienced couples therapists: over 500 years of combined experience! Three ran graduate programs. One's been an ordained minister for over 49 years. All of us have two levels of evidence-based training but most of us have much, much more. And we only see couples! That means you'll receive specialized relationship help.

Making it easy to Get the Help You Need.

A single weekend or weekly online sessions is all it takes. You come to us. We meet online. Or we even come to you with our team of  "Fly Me" therapists.  All demonstrated experts ready to help!

Learn What a Difference Skilled Help Can Make.

More than half of our couples travel 1000+ to get our quality services.

A Marriage Retreat Run By Licensed Professionals

Of course anyone with some training can run marriage retreats. But we think having formal training as psychologists, marriage and family therapists or clinical social workers is more highly effective just makes good sense. It's why John Gottman reserves his certification to licensed mental health professionals. If you do run into an area of conflict, we know what to do to turn things around. Working with the toughest couples, allows us to work with more functional, effective couples with ease.

You have One Life.

Live it with love. Passionately, madly, forgivingly together. Bonded in history. Heading more happily into the future.

We make it all very doable. Just add a touch of bravery.

Happy couples get happier in our weekend retreats for enrichment. But we also change "disasters" into "masters" of marriage, as well. But first you have to show up.

Our work is not suitable for every couple. Can we help you? Give us a call to find out. And read more about our team's astounding set of credentials and achievements, and our award-winning blog. Or simply call us and say "Tell me more." Our Intake Coordinators, Daniel and Cindy are standing by. Hey, maybe plan an exotic adventure. Safari? Surfing?  Fly fishing? We can help you make it happen...and improve your live life in the bargain. One weekend. A lifetime of change.

Here are a few of our marvelous locations. You'll have free time to enjoy the scenery, too.

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