Intensive Couples Retreat Locations

Intensive Marriage Retreats are one couple per therapist . 

We don't yet have a therapist available in the Tropical Rainforest Climate of Bora Bora, but we do have couples therapists in the sub-tropical Gold Coast of Australia, Southern California and dry Las Vegas, the tropical rain forests of Puerto Rico, the Mediterranean-style climate of Hermanus, South Africa, the  moderate oceanic climate of Vancouver, or the tropical monsoon of Miami. And many more.

And our couples retreats are real (not actors...), with qualified couples therapists with credentials in science-based couples therapy.

New England

Dr. Kathy McMahon, Massachusetts

Dr. Patricia Gorman Massachusetts

Dr. Maryanna Ham - Massachusetts

Daniel Dashnaw, M.S. , MA, MFT - MASS

Dr. Alisha Powell - MA, GA, DC 


Angela Voegele, MSW, LSCW - MD, DC, VA, HI

Dr. Scott Wolfe - MD, NV

Dr. Alisha Powell - DC, MA, GA


Dr. Alisha Powell - GA  

Kent McEachern, LMFT - SC  

Dr. Marni Feuerman - FL (Boca Raton)

Dr. Kathy McMahon, - FL (Miami Design Dist)

Angela Voegele, MSW, LSCW - MD, DC, VA


Dr. Doug Burford- KS 

Dr. Michael McNulty- IL  

Diane Foy - MN 

The Caribbean

Dr. Heide Rodriguez  


Jack O'Leary, Gold Coast


Marisa Mundey,  MFT, TX

Jennifer Elkins, MA,  Tx, FL

Dr. Kathy McMahon, - AZ

Dr. Scott Wolfe - NV   Las Vegas


Rev. James Ramsey - LPC, MFT - MT

Jennifer Sue Taylor, MS, LMFT- WA   (Vancouver BC Border), UT, ID, CO

West Coast

Jennifer Sue Taylor, MS, LMFT- WA   (Vancouver BC Border), UT, ID, CO

Stacy Hubbard, LMFT- OR  

Lisa Lund, LMFT - CA   (Marin County) 

Jenny Fang, M.A. - Orange County

Havi Kligfeld, LCSW. - Los Angeles County


Nancy St John, Ireland

South Africa

Tehilla Luttig, Hermanus, South Africa

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