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Retired Husband Syndrome

What is Retired Husband Syndrome? The post-1945 Japanese population has demonstrated an enormous capacity for effective organization and hard work, a major factor contributing to Japan’s spectacular

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Is There a Limerence Cure?

What is Limerence? And Why Do We Need a Limerence Cure? Limerence is an emotional and mental experience of deep, obsessive attachment to another person.  Limerence symptoms usually feel involuntary and

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The Polyamory Meme

The Polyamory Meme The polyamory meme has finally attracted some serious research. But perhaps, we should define what I mean by the “Polyamory Meme.” According to Wikipedia, a meme is an idea,

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Alienation of Affection and Homewrecker Laws

Alienation of Affection and Homewrecker Laws A lot of people don’t know that engaging in infidelity can sometimes have legal and financial consequences. What are Alienation of Affection and homewrecker

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Happy Couples Focus on These Fights

What Kind of Arguing Do Happy Couples Tend Focus on Most? Dr. John Gottman’s 30+ years of research has consistently focused on what happy couples do differently than couples who unhappily struggle.

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The Phubbing Meme, FOMO, and the Merits of Indistractability in Marriage

The Phubbing Meme and FOMO…How Tech is Displacing Mindfulness The Phubbing meme is attracting increased attention from couples therapy researchers. According to Wikipedia, a meme is an idea, behavior,

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An Explanation for Our High Second Marriage Failure Rate from Neuroscience

Why Do We have a Such a High Second Marriage Failure Rate? Controversial new neuroscience data suggests that our high second marriage failure rate may lie in habitual responses established in childhood

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The Neuroscience of Perpetual Marital Problems

Personal Priorities, Preferences, and Perpetual Marital Problems One of the outstanding contributions of neuroscience and Gottman’s research is the notion of “perpetual” vs.”solvable

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