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Kakeibo for Couples

Kakeibo for Couples Money is a massive factor in marital strife. According to a recent study, the way a couple handles money problems is the number 1 predictor of divorce. A recent informal poll by “Money

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What is Emotional Gridlock?

Emotional Gridlock in Couples Therapy According to Certified Sex Therapist Dr. David Schnarch (who claims to have coined the term), Emotional Gridlock is what happens when one partner’s preferences

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7 Sweet Things to Say to Your Husband If You’ve Hit a Little Rough Patch

 7 Sweet Things To Say To Your Husband If You’ve Hit a Little Rough Patch In this blog post, I’m offering some sweet things to say to your husband if you’re in a little rough patch.

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4 Little-Known Secrets for a Happier Relationship

How to Enjoy a Happier Relationship Want to Enjoy a happier relationship? At CTI, we’re always looking for new research to help couples enjoy happier and more connected relationships. We spend hours

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7 Great Pieces of Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

Marriage Advice for Newlyweds There’s a lot of marriage advice for Newlyweds on the internet. Regardless of your age, or whether or not this is your first or second marriage, here are 7 concrete

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CTI Announces an Online Relationship Course for Better Communication!

Learn How to Be a Fabulous Spouse With Our New Online Relationship Course! Having issues with power struggles and conflict? Need better communication with your spouse? Well, good news! Conflict is inevitable,

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11 Critical Tools for Surviving the Holidays with Marital Trouble

How to Have a Good Holiday with a Bad Marriage Things have not been good between the two of you for a while. And now the holidays are upon you. Surviving the holidays with marital trouble can be daunting.

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10 Solid Tips on How to Prepare for Couples Counseling

So You Want to Know How to Prepare for Couples Counseling We’re often asked how to prepare for couples counseling, and my answer is sometimes surprising. It’s typical that the question is often

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