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Power Struggles in Relationships

Power Struggles in Relationships and the Importance of Influence Power struggles in relationships are typically shaped by gendered behavior. Research tells us that over 80% of conflictual marital discussions

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Gaslighting Narcissism… and Why Couples Therapy Can’t Help

What is Gaslighting Narcissism? The popular use of the term “gaslighting” goes back to the early 1950s. But amazingly, this word was only added to the Oxford English Dictionary in

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10 Solid Reasons Why Workplace Romance is a Bad Idea

Self-Deception and Workplace Romance In previous posts, I’ve written extensively about the phenomenon of workplace romance from the perspective of the infidelity of the people involved. But because

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The Amazing New Science Behind a Long Term Relationship

The Longer You Hang in There…the Better it Gets New research on long term relationships from the University of California, Berkeley, underscores what couples therapists have known for some time. Long

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What is the Best Marriage Retreat?

How Do We Decide? A Confusing Array of Options for Marriage Retreats There is a befuddling range of options for marriage counseling retreats today. Many are religious and will only work with a married

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9 Marriage Counseling Questions You Both Need to Ponder Beforehand

 Starting Couples Therapy? Marriage counseling questions often come up when couples consider the merits of starting couples therapy. If you’re considering starting couples therapy, you might benefit

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The Controlling Partner…4 Losing Strategies in Marriage

The Peril of a Controlling Partner A Controlling Partner often has real trouble in couples therapy…if they deign to attend at all. On the other hand, some Controlling Partners are eager to change

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Emotional Affairs and Texting

Is Texting With an Attractive Other Infidelity? Do emotional affairs and texting go hand in hand? Texting has become a pervasive tool for all sorts of communication. It is the immediate utility of texting

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