Plan an Weekend to Remember.

You Won't Find a More
Exciting Location
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Atlanta is a perfect spot to enjoy a museum, nightlife, or the arts during your evenings free..

Accepting Spring 2017 dates for these science-based couples therapy retreats with our exceptionally trained couples therapists, so act now to reserve your spot!

Couples Retreat The Berkshires

Come to an exciting weekend and heal together as a couple. This private marriage retreat, just you and a skilled expert.  It's an opportunity to resolve resentments, turn around an ailing marriage, or make a good marriage even better. 

A Couples Retreat for the Two of You with One Highly Trained Expert:

  • Fast:  One Weekend vs. 6 months of couples therapy. You'll have the time to resolve your toughest relationship issues.
  • Effective:  Real help based upon 40+ years of scientific research with 3,000+ couples.
  • Personal:  You won't learn cookie-cutter “communication” skills. We focus on YOUR specific particular relationship challenges.

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