Brief Agenda for the Marriage Retreat

This two- and one-half day clinical marriage retreat is for all couples who are invested in making their relationship all it can be. 

It provides the time to work in specific areas that are problematic for the both of you, as well as to develop and refine skills for a new and more productive ways of relating.

In evidence-based couples therapy retreats, we bring Gottman's 40-years of research alive in our work.  Emotional connection. Future planning. Dreams. We work on more than just improving your most challenging of relationship problems.

It's equivalent to six months of weekly sessions.

Whether you’re recovering from an affair, have day-long fights, or are just cold and distant, you can benefit from this Couples Retreat.

Take the time to reconnect.

First Evening - Day 1 of you Couples Retreat

Clinical Focus: Your goals and an overview of your relationship using the Oral History Interview.

  • Check into your room. Rest up for your late afternoon or evening marriage retreat.
  • Travel to your Couples Therapy Retreat
  • Begin your personalized retreat. Check with Couples Therapist for starting time. (2 hour session Gottman/ 3 hours EFT

First Morning - Day 2 of your Couples Retreat

  • Videotape of Communication Patterns.
  • Morning Check In.
  • Individual Meetings

First Afternoon - Day 2 - Feedback Session of your Couples Retreat

In this session you'll learn:

  • Your relationship’s problematic Relational Dynamics and relationship strengths.
  • Areas we'll focus on during the Couples Retreat.
  • A basic understanding of the over 40 years of research findings with over 3,000 couples.
  • How it relates to you.
  • Clinical work begins.
  • We'll discuss tomorrow’s clinical goals.

Day 3 of Couples Retreat

Starting the third day, you will begin to formulate answers to the following questions:

  • What behaviors do we exhibit that have been shown to cause marital dissolution? What specific steps do we take to change these destructive patterns?
  • How do we use our relationship strengths in helping to improve our relationship?
  • What has happened in our lives that have created problems for us?
  • What are the “demon dances” both of us engage in, despite our best intentions?
  • How do we rebuild our friendship if we’ve grown distant and lonely? What are the “hinges” that swing the big doors that cause feelings of isolation and loneliness?
  • How can we make our fighting less heated and more productive? Why should we fight if our relationship has little life and energy to it?
  • To what extent do we each have a “chip on our shoulder” that contributes to our problems? How is this like a light switch?
  • How good are we at soothing ourselves and each other? Why is that a worthy goal?
  • What is the proper ratio of “salt” (positive interactions) to “pepper” (negative interactions) in happy couples?
  • How are the behaviors of men and women in a relationship different? What specific skills do women and men each need to develop? How are these different? 
  • How to we develop hopefulness when we're had these troubles for so long?

We hold our Couples Retreat in many attractive locations:


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