Nancy St. John

Nancy is a counselor, trainer, and a senior Couples Therapist with an impressive list of credentials.

Intensives are conducted in Tullamore, Ireland.

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Certificate in Children and Loss, HETAC Level 9 (2014) Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin

Professional Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (2011) PCI College, Dublin

Higher Diploma in Counselling (Hons), HETAC Level 8 (2010) St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth

Certificate in Counselling Skills, HETAC Level 7 (2006) NUI, Maynooth

Leaving Certificate (1976) Honours in Higher Level English and Economics

I work hard to be the best couples therapist I can be, and do this because I believe relationships are way too important to get wrong.​

Clinical Approach

I work well with those who are going into a new chapter of adjustment and may find themselves struggling with depression, anxiety or crises of past or present trauma. If you are struggling with an experience like this, I can support you as you adjust to these life changes. While I will not make choices for you, I will stay with you and provide guidance and support during important times of decision making and insight development.

As our relationship develops, I may observe some patterns in your life you may not be aware. With respect, and with your permission I will reflect them back to you for your understanding and responses. Together our insight will grow, and I will encourage you to recognise your wisdom, inner strengths and coping skills to face the future with an improved sense of confidence.

Clinical Experience

Nancy has certificates in Mindfulness, Bereavement Counseling, Cognitive-Behavior Psychology, and Psycho-Oncology, but her greatest love is working with couples.

She’s a member of the National Association for Pastoral Counselling and Psychotherapy (MNAPCP), and also serves in a Chair position on the National Executive Council of ACCORD. ACCORD is a well known, and respected agency that has more than 50 years experience working with couples and individuals supporting them in their Marriages and Relationships.


The following are the two leading acreditation agencies in Ireland for counselors:​

Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP)

National Association for Pastoral Counselling and Psychotherapy (NAPCP),

Evidence-based Treatment Models

Advanced Training

EFT:  5-Day Externship; Core Skills Training; Healing Affairs through Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Gottman Certification Map

Advanced Training & Certifications

Nancy comes to us with an impressive list of advanced training in couples therapy and is fully trained in three different models:

  • · The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy
  • · Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
  • · Imago Relationship Therapy.

Since 2010, Nancy has studied and worked closely with relationship experts Drs. Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson of the Couples Institute and in recent years is being mentored by them. Nancy is one of Ellyn Bader’s teaching assistants on her online couples therapist training course and she now teaches the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy to a group of committed couples therapists in Ireland.

Nancy has completed Level I & II of Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Each of these couples therapy approaches enriches her understanding of what it takes to be an effective couples counsellor.

Nancy is also a discernment counsellor. She explains:

"Marriage breakdown is a painful process especially when children are involved. If you are unsure about working on your relationship discernment counseling is a way for you and your spouse to look at your options before making a final decision about divorce.

I am deeply passionate about supporting couples with children to create healthy, resilient families. I believe there are patterns and key moments in each of our histories that we can learn from which help us build a better futures for ourselves, and for future generations of our families.

As a certified discernment counselor I help couples develop a deeper understanding of what happened to their relationship – and what each person’s contributions to the problems are – so they can make a clear decision about the future of their relationship.

Discernment counseling is most appropriate for couples where one partner wants to preserve and repair the relationship and the other is leaning towards ending it. This kind of “mixed agenda” is common among couples approaching divorce, and unfortunately there is a real shortage of special services to address the needs of these couples."

Nancy has trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, and David Burns’ From CBT to T.E.A.M. Therapy.

•  Achieving Clinical Excellence with Difficult Couples The Couples Institute

•  Certificate in Imago Relationships Therapy Imago Relationships International

•  Brilliant at the Basics Imago Relationships International

•  Externship in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy ICEEFT

•  Core Skills Training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy ICEEFT

•  Healing Affairs through Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy ICEEFT

•  Domestic Abuse Training Relationships Ireland

More Certifications & Trainings


Advanced Level of Training
I am writing to express my/our deep appreciation for Nancy St. John.
We are a married couple of 24 years, and have been actively considering divorce for the past several months.  As a last ditch effort, we let go of our previous marriage therapist and began working with Nancy, first in 3 sessions online, and then an intensive in Ireland. She has been an extraordinary support for both of us.  Her style is both structured and flexible.  She listens exceedingly well.  She brings evidence-based research into the mix. Perhaps most of all, she is optimistic, though not in an unrealistic way. She has been instrumental in helping us develop new patterns of communication and engagement. We are very, very grateful.

- Husband, Recent Couples Therapy Retreat

Speaking Personally

I am passionate about working with couples. For me it's the best job in the world! Every time I work with a couple I am privileged to enter into their lives. I love helping angry, hurt and disillusioned partners understand more about themselves and learn how to nurture their development - both as individuals and as a couple.

Maybe you are like me and grew up in a conflict avoidant family. When I was a child I never saw my parents argue but they were deeply unhappy together and their marriage ended when I was a teenager. I now recognize that there was a high level of tension when my parents were home together but as a child I accepted what was happening as normal and got used to living with a lot of unacknowledged tension. Later, as a young woman when my husband David and I would argue, I'd get upset and start thinking "I made a big mistake. We're not right for each other." Deep down I was afraid that David would leave. I believed that a happy marriage meant having to agree with each other. I didn't know that couples could disagree, get angry, negotiate, calm down, make up a, and still hold onto the belief that they were committed to each other. It took many years for me to understand that conflict is essential for growth and this realization changed every aspect of my life. so this is probably why I love helping couples to stop fighting by giving them the skills they need to have difficult conversations respectfully and effectively.

One of the exciting aspects of my work is meeting couples from across the globe. I love the diversity of our world, understanding each partner's outlook on life; their sexual orientation, values, ethnicity, culture, and religious and spiritual beliefs.

I have been married to my husband David for over thirty years and in this time we have grown and developed as individuals and as a couple. Our children are grown up, and we are now grandparents. When I think it's helpful I use examples of struggles David and I worked through in our own marriage and couples tell me they appreciate my willingness to be open and vulnerable with them.

I work hard to be the best couples therapist I can be and I do this because I believe relationships are way too important to get wrong.

Nancy is that rare and wonderful combination of kind, compassionate, clear and focused.  She is an amazing listener, but simply being heard (with past marriage counselors) has never been enough.

With her as our skillful guide, we were able to each get at core concerns and reach a deeper understanding of what we are bringing to the table. We also felt she was a cheerleader and totally in our corner.  We had a difficult but wonderful weekend and left feeling changed and with new hope for our future together.

- Wife, Recent Couples Retreat Participant

Nancy welcomes you to her home office.

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