Fees for Online Couples Therapy

We Start with a 'State of the Union' Assessment of Your Relationship.

The State of the Union consists of four sessions and The BIG BIG Book:
  • A 2- Hour Session with You Together
  • An individual Session Alone With Each Of You
  • A Thorough Analysis of The BIG BIG Book
  • A One Hour 20-Minute Feedback Session You Attend Together

Our sex life has improved tremendously since we had couple therapy...(more)

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Heal the hurt and enjoy each other's company again.

One Complete Price:

A State of the Union Assessment 

Master Therapists: starting at $950*

All Others:  starting at: $500

Ongoing 1 Hour 20-Minute Evidence-based Couples Therapy 

Master Therapists: starting at $295

All Others:  starting at $160 

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*All Fees Quoted in US Dollars.  ​