Online Marriage Counseling is Easy to Do!

Online Marriage Counseling is:

  • Easy
  • Convenient
  • Secure

• Live in the USA but not near a couples therapist?

• Are you living outside the USA, but want someone trained in advanced techniques of couples therapy? 

• Are you an expatriate couple living abroad?

• Do you each spend time in different Countries?

As Seen on CBS – New York:

NY TV show features Couples Therapy Inc in online marriage counseling

We all speak English, but eleven other language, too!

Both of you don’t need to be in the same room…or the same country to get the help you need:

• Bad weather?

• A child with a minor temp?

• Bad enough to stay home, but not bad enough to cancel?

middle-aged couples using online marriage counseling

Online Marriage Counseling can help you reach your goals.


Follow these simple steps:

Making an appointment for online marriage counseling has never been easier.

• Set up a no-charge “Get Acquainted” Meeting

• Schedule an appointment for Marriage Counseling Online

• Receive an email invitation, with a link

• Click on the link to download a small program

• Your therapist will dial you, and you'll hear a ring.  Just answer it.  A window appears to your couples therapy!


• Controls are a click of a button away.

• Works on computers, tablets, even smartphones!

• Mac and PC compatible.

two children are shutting off their parent's online marriage counseling

You can stop the action quickly, and return just as easily, even if someone “accidentally” shuts off the computer…

Watch How Online Marriage Counseling Works:

Here’s what Online Marriage Counseling video equipment can do:

• High Quality Visuals and Audio.

• No more fuzzy dark faces or cut outs in transmissions.

• HIPAA compliant USA standards of Security.

• Small Bandwidth makes videoconferencing easy, even on older computers.

Totally Confidential

This is the same technology used in medical facilities all over the world.

More than ever before, Marriage Counseling Online is now within reach.

For Couples Living in the USA:

Licensing in various States may restrict you from taking advantage of ongoing couples therapy. The laws vary by state. Check with your licensing board to see if your state allows you to work online with the therapist of your choice.

two 20 year old adults with ear phones in bed doing online marriage counseling

Talk from home, when late-night appointments are your only option, given work limitations or time-zone differences.

Couples Therapy Inc accepts only a small number of International Couples at any one time, to give each the utmost time and attention.

Online marriage counseling work is new, and legislation changes professional practice laws and requirements. These laws are ever-changing. We may be able to see you, depending upon the state you live in. Contact us to find out.

Is this right for you?  Ask for  a Consult​

Please contact us directly, to discuss your situation in more detail.

Couples of the World and Expats

Are you an International Couple in need of expert help with your marriage?  At Couples Therapy Inc., we welcome International couples and English- Spanish- German- French- Italian- Hindi- Tamil-Chinese-Cantonese or Chinese Mandarin speaking couples from all over the world. One of our team members speaks conversational Japanese and Taiwanese. Another, rudimentary Polish.

We work with those in traditional arranged marriages, as well as Western “Love” marriages. We are truly an international team, respectful of all traditions.

We’re worked with British Expats, American Expats, South African Expats, African Expats, Asia Expat, including Shanghai Expat and Hong Kong Expats; Australian Expats; and South American Expats including Expats in Mexico, Expats in Panama, Expats in Ecuador, Expat in Peru, Expats in Costa Rica, Expats in Belize, Expats from the Middle East (Saudi Aramco Expats), German Expats…from all over the world!

asian couple in livingroom doing online marriage counseling

Living Away from Home?

We help Expats and those living abroad including:

• those in the Diplomatic Service Corp;

• International Teachers & Educators;

• Multinational Employees and their partners;

• Foreign Service Workers;

• Multinational Couples living worldwide, and

• those stationed outside of their homelands (expat jobs) in various capacities.

We do not restrict our practice to US citizens.

Languages Spoken Here:

Dr. McMahon, Dr. WofeDaniel Dashnaw, Dr. Ham, Nancy St. John,, and Alisha Powell and Dr. Gorman conduct their sessions in English only.

Dr. Rodriguez conducts her sessions in English and Spanish.

Angela Voegele conducts her sessions in German, English, and conversational French.

Dr. Meunier conducts her sessions in English, Hindi and Tamil.​

Jenny Fang conducts her sessions in English, Mandarin, Japanese and Taiwanese.

YY Wei conducts her sessions in English, Italian, Cantonese and Mandarin.

How to begin Online Marriage Counseling:

Contact us and discuss your situation. We’ll help you to decide if this service delivery technology will help your relationship. It isn’t appropriate for every couple.

Schedule a No-Charge 15 minute Introductory Meeting.

Find Out if Your Relationship Can Be Helped Using Online Couples Therapy.