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Call Daniel our Intake Coordinator (and Marriage and Family Therapist ) Toll Free :

We offer a phone consultation at no charge for couples trying to figure out if we're your next best move.

Our Current Locations:

The Berkshires and other parts of Massachusetts; DC/Maryland; Atlanta, GA; Miami, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Houston, TX; Austin, TX; Denver, CO; Missoula, MT, San Francisco Bay Area, CA & Los Angeles County, CA. In Europe via Tullamore, Ireland. Australia: The Gold Coast of New South Wales.

Private Retreats can be arranged in your area.

  • Please contact us for details.
  • Look for the "Fly Me Therapist" designation on our "Team" page.

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"Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action." former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli